The Unison Method is a probabilistic profit modelling method for pre - revenue, early stage startup and enterprise ventures. It guides the construction of a detailed, unit level profit formula (literally profit = revenue less expenses) and then applies calibrated estimates for each uncertain variable in that profit formula. The method then runs statistical analysis across tens of thousands of scenarios to derive probabilities for profit within a specified timeframe.


The Unison Method is ideally suited for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (ie. innovators with the enterprise) alike. Any venture that is at the business modelling stage of idea exploration will benefit immensely from the rigor of The Unison Method.


Unlike other methods that claim to be quantitative, The Unison Method visually delivers probabilistic ranges for profit, like this histogram, instead of either single point estimates (wrought with error and human bias) or qualitative ranges disguised as quantitative.


The Unison Method has delivered business model decision making results for 3 separate startups in the Toronto and Vancouver startup ecosystems, is under evaluation at a multinational $4B annual revenue footwear manufacturer and retailer, and is one of the core valuation methods used by the Venture Capital fund Pycap Venture Partners.

  • "I've had the opportunity to see The Unison Method in action in 2 different settings. I have applied it to my own startup and I have seen it in an education setting as part of my Entrepreneurship Workshop at Queen's University. The Unison Method excels at making the uncertainty embedded in new venture profit forecasting visible in a clear and concise way. In my 15+ years as a tech entrepreneur, no other alternative comes close."

    Roger Patterson, Founder
    Launch Academy and Flock & Swarm Mobility

  • "Analyzing early stage tech companies is challenging because there is often a lack of historical data both in company performance as well as that of its market. Pycap is looking forward to using The Unison Method as an additional, and critical, tool for investee selection and scaling."

    Stuart Browne, CEO
    Pycap Venture Partners

  • "After all the subjectivity is removed, I feel that investors are essentially looking for proof of the potential of NuOrder. The Unison Method was a key component and differentiator in my pitch of that proof."

    Antonio Pericao, Founder/CEO
    NuOrder Solutions Inc.

  • "The Unison Method provided a tool for me to build the business in a clear direction. It also enabled my investors to see the full potential of the Uplay2 startup concept while building their confidence and allowing them to continue to support the growth of the company. By following the trajectory of The Unison Method and using it to share my vision, I am now able to position the business for greater success by attracting capital from current and prospective investors."

    David Blackmore, CEO
    Stellar Music Online Media Inc.


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Want to get real numbers to prove your business model? No other method can deliver hard, quantitative results like The Unison Method.

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